Increasing gender diversity through the 30% Club

The 30% Club is a global campaign led by Chairs and CEOs taking action to increase gender diversity at senior management levels, with an aim to reach at least 30% representation of all women on boards and c-suites.

Moving Ahead, a social impact organisation working to improve workplace inclusion and diversity, is the mentoring supplier for the campaign. As part of 30% Club, there are two programmes which colleagues at OUP have taken part in over the last year: Mission INCLUDE and Mission GENDER EQUITY.

Mission INCLUDE is a cross-company mentoring programme supporting all protected characteristics, as well as broader diversity strands such as socio-economic backgrounds, thinking styles, and all intersectionality’s.

The programme advocates the view that we are all diverse, with unique experiences and outlooks, which results in increased diversity of thought, a strengthened pipeline, and greater parity beyond the general diversity and inclusion agenda. Currently, we have 11 mentees and 11 mentors across the UK, India, Pakistan, the US, Australia as part of the programme.

Meanwhile, Mission GENDER EQUITY focuses on gender diversity to build and strengthen necessary pipelines and achieve parity of women in leadership and board roles. Female mentees are matched with both male and female mentors from a different organization.

We have now matched 20 mentees with 20 mentors (both male and female) spanning the UK, India, Mexico, the US, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, and Kenya. One mentee spoke of the benefits this programme had brought:

My mentor is fantastic! She listens and encourages me in what I'm doing and then gently pushes me to go further each time.
She is fully committed to working with me on my goals and at this halfway point, I am exactly where I need to be… I feel so much more confident now and have made excellent connections within the business.’
'I feel privileged to be part of these mentoring programmes and witness the learning and growth that happens for both mentees and mentors.
I’ve seen both the subtle and tangible impact the programmes can have. Many say that it’s given them the rare opportunity to purposely reflect on their goals, careers, beliefs and behaviours, it’s helped them clarify their values, and gain greater confidence in themselves and their work.
They also form long-term connections and friendships which continue to support them beyond the programme.’

Gabriella Havard

Learning and Development Business Partner and 30% Club Programme Partner