Sharing the power of books

We continue to support our long-standing charity partner, Book Aid International, whose vision is ‘a world where everyone has access to books that will enrich, improve, and change their lives’.

Due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic and a global shipping crisis, the last two years have proven challenging for book deliveries across the world.

However, in 2021, we donated 112,797 books to Book Aid International, and through our support and financial donation, we helped them to send a total of 1,007,473 books to 150 partners in 24 countries. This provided millions of readers in schools, libraries, universities, refugee camps, prisons, and hospitals access to brand new books.

The children’s books sent last year will help to engage children in reading and provide teachers, parents, and librarians with additional resources to re-engage children in their learning again after so much disruption. With many schools remaining closed in 2021, children were able to access books in local and mobile libraries, and some schools kept their libraries open, using Covid-safe measures.

Alison Tweed, Chief Executive of Book Aid International, said: ‘In the places where it’s hardest to become a doctor or where teachers struggle to encourage children to dream big, that’s where we’re determined to put the power of books in people’s hands.’

With the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on schools and education, millions of children across the world missed out on the benefits that having access to a wide range of books can bring.

UNESCO have reported that more than 37 million children are still not receiving education because of Covid-19. This highlights that, particularly this year, the need for books will be greater than ever before. Over the next year, Book Aid International will focus on those facing the greatest barriers to reading and learning and aim to send 1.1 million books.

At OUP, we recognize the power of reading to people’s minds to new worlds and ideas, provide inspiration and motivation, and bring people joy and comfort in difficult times. We look forward to continuing to support Book Aid International in their mission.

‘I was joyful when I was reading - these books are made for me to forget the side of me that was once sad and shocked [because of] what I am going through.’

Rheman, South Sudanese refugee living in a camp in Uganda